Our Promise

The Total Control ARC's Promises

The Total Control ARC is committed to making you a better and safer rider and in doing so makes these promises:

You will have a specific and measurable improvement in your riding. No matter what skill level you are now, the Total Control ARC will make a recognizable difference in your ability to control your bike.

You will have better understanding of how your bike works. You will appreciate, how what you do affects your bike's ability to maintain traction and control

You will have the ability to self-diagnose riding problems in the future. While it's great to be able to ride better in front of a skilled coach, it's equally important to be able to coach yourself when you detect a riding problem in the future. There are enough support materials in our package to help make sure you won't forget what you learned during your training.

High teacher-to-student ratio. Classes are of either 6 or 12 students and each class is divided in groups with never more than six students per instructor for lots of individual attention and support.

Friendly, professional service. The Total Control ARC instructors are highly trained and carefully handpicked for their teaching abilities and friendly dispositions. Your experience at the Total Control ARC will be a positive one.